The Kiz Lab Intensive Weekend

  •   From 04/06/2024 to 04/07/2024

  • Location: In the Groove Studios. 580 14th Street
    Oakland, California, United States


Mark your calendars and get ready for top Artists, top DJs, and top dancers that youll love!!

Mark your calendars!!

Save the Date!!!

Join us April 2024!! We hope to bring you surprises. Fun themes. Amazing artists. And dope music.

Keep your eyes open for exciting information on our Urban Kiz Intensive Weekend.

Mark your calendars and get ready for top Artists, top DJs, and top dancers that youll love!!


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➡️April 6th-7th, 2024


Saturday April 6th Classes/Workshops

Berkeley Finnish Hall - Auditorium

1970 Chestnut St, Berkeley, CA 94702

Saturday April 6th Social

In the Groove Studios

580 14th St, Oakland, CA 94612

Sunday April 7th Classes/Workshops

In the Groove Studios

580 14th St, Oakland, CA 94612

Sunday April 7th Social

Third Eye Soul Kitchen

3047 Martin Luther King Junior Way, Oakland, CA 94609


🎉The Birthday Queen🎉

Jessica Marie

❗️Your Instructors❗️

🔸Luis and Karen from Madrid, Spain

🔸Derrick Wright from Dallas, TX

🎧Your DJs🎧

🔹DJ Koala G from Atlanta, GA

🔹DJ BigMeanie from Oakland, CA

🚕Kiz Lab Taxi Team


We are excited to announce that The Kiz Lab TAXI TEAM will be available for all your social dancing needs and to practice dance moves to ensure you have a wonderful experience on the dance floor.

What is a taxi dancer? Taxi dancers are experienced dancers who are hand picked to dance with everyone at an event to ensure attendees have an unforgettable time. Ask them to dance!






6 Classes and 7+ Hours of Social Dancing

More information coming soon...


🎧DJ Schedule🎧

🔹Saturday April 6th

DJ BigMeanie TBA

DJ Koala G TBA

🔹Sunday April 7th

DJ Koala G TBA

DJ BigMeanie TBA



Tier 1 (Dec): $110

Tier 2 (Jan): $120

Tier 3 (Feb): $130

Tier 4 (Mar): $140

Tier 5 (Apr): $150




Currently under construction



For private dance lessons, please DM the artists for prices and their availability:

Luis y Karen: FB @LuisyKarenUkiz | Insta @luisykaren.official

Derrick Wright: FB @derrick.wright.5059 | Insta @swoove22

DJ Koala G: FB @gvcartwright | Insta @koalag

DJ BigMeanie: FB @BigMeanie.artist | Insta @bigmeanie_artist


Information about the event:

FB Event:

Website: Currently Under Construction




✨Luis and Karen✨

from Madrid, Spain

A Dynamic Dance Duo in Constant Pursuit of Growth

Luis (he/him) and Karen (she/her) are a captivating dance couple with an impressive seven years of teaching experience under their belt. Their dance style is characterized by smoothness, perfect complicity, and flawless technique.

With a passion for both teaching and entertaining, their workshops are a blend of didactic learning and pure fun. They believe in creating an environment where participants can learn and enjoy simultaneously, making each workshop a memorable experience.

Dedicated to continuous improvement, Luis and Karen are believers in the idea of constant growth. They devote time to training and continuously explore techniques from various dance styles related to kizomba. From the very beginning, they have been fans of urban kiz, while gradually discovering a profound connection to the world of tarraxo. Their love for both styles is evident, but they find the most joy during social dances when they skilfully blend elements from both worlds.

Luis and Karens dance journey is a testament to their dedication and unwavering commitment to their art. As instructors and performers, they never fail to inspire and ignite the dance floor with their infectious energy and passion for movement.

✨Derrick Wright MPK✨

from Dallas, TX

Derrick Wright (he/him) is a student of Dallas. Though he has done the majority of his in class learning from Pamelita and Audi MPK, he started his kizomba journey learning from as many instructors as he could in the area including this last years’ Olympiads winner Shika Jay and Samy Vez. As a result, he has formed a style, flow, and musicality unique to him. His hunger has continued on as he began traveling and attending so many freaking classes and as many workshops as he could. Derrick brings his smooth moves in every genre of dance including Urban, kizomba, fusion, semba, tarraxo, and tarraxinha. This man doesn’t leave the dance floor except to take his 20 minute naps. Not only is Derrick a wonderful and well rounded dancer but he’s also an amazing instructor. With background as a school teacher, he has a solid pedagogy and foundational understanding of how to reach students. He’s been able to travel and teach some in the US and has become MPKs teaching assistant in his hometown of Dallas.


✨Koala G✨

from Atlanta, GA

Gerard (he/him) has been around music his entire life. His early stages included singing in local church, school, and city wide choirs in Houston, Texas. He was introduced to Salsa, Bachata, and Kizomba in 2012 and has been dancing African and Latin dances since 2013. His journey into djing began in Houston in 2019 where he felt a musical void needed to be filled for the local Kizomba community. In 2021 he decided to travel across the country to train his craft with an amazing DJ. Since then, he has moved to Atlanta where he plays for various local events. In 2022, on his second time entering the Onekiz DJ competition, against talented opponents, he came in 1st place! From there, he has continued to train, play, and travel to deliver fun and unique musical experiences across the US to dancers everywhere.


from the Bay Area

Like many people, Karl (he/him) began his dance journey in college, he dabbled with ballroom and fell in love with Kompa and Dancehall. Six years ago, Karl took his first Kizomba steps and quickly forgot that other dances exist. Addicted to kizomba music and sharing dances with other passionate Kizombeiros, Karl almost never has a week when he doesn’t dance Kizomba. After years of thinking aboout being a DJ, in 2018, Karl made the leap! Going by the artist name BigMeanie, Karl mixes the lastest Kizomba music at events across the U.S. (Dabbling in Canada now too ). Karl is excited to share his Kizomba stories, knowledge, and music with anyone willing to listen and learn.

Host and TKL Founder:

✨Jessica Marie✨

from the Bay Area

Jessica Marie, PhD (she/her) is the owner and creative director of The Kiz Lab LLC. A Black-Owned and minority led Urban Kiz dance organization located in the Bay Area, CA where they host weekly classes, workshops, and events. She will be the organizer and host of this event.


✨Kristen Burr✨

from Reno, Nevada

At On An Adventure Photography they strive to make moments lifelong memories. With a passion for storytelling through imagery, they specialize in capturing the raw emotions, vibrant energy, and intricate details that are unique to organized dance events. Years of experience both in photography and dance has honed their ability to anticipate and capture those fleeting, beautiful moments that make each event unique. It is with this experience and a commitment to excellence, that they ensure each event is immortalized through candid shots, authentic emotions, and the subtle beauty often overlooked. Located in Reno, Nevada, check out their work and follow them on Instagram and Facebook by following the Linktree below!


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🚨 COVID Policy:

Do not attend if unwell or recently sick.

Attending at your risk; Covid can spread even if vaccinated and masked.

Take care of each other and stay safe.


No refunds but transfers are accepted.




  02/25/2024       09:00 PM to 01:00 AM

  Miami, Florida, United States

Beginner Bachata - Manhattan

  02/26/2024       06:00 PM to 07:00 PM

  New York, New York, United States

Jammin Salsa With Jahrel and Natasha

  02/26/2024       07:30 PM to 09:30 PM

  Sarasota, Florida, United States

Party - Includes lessons
Bachata Mondays Classes and Social Dancing

  02/26/2024       07:00 PM to 01:00 AM

  North Miami Beach, Florida, United States

Party - Includes lessons
Salsa Styling Masterclass: Dance with Grace, Balance, and Personalized Flow

  02/26/2024       07:00 PM to 08:00 PM

  Los Angeles, California, United States