•   From 10/06/2023 to 10/09/2023

  • Location: Canal Street. New York, NY 10013, United States
    New York, New York, United States


REGISTRATION AND TICKETS:https://www.nyczoukfestival.com/ticketsDARE TO ZOUK™ NewComer PROGRAM at NYC ZOUK FESTIVAL 2023About Dare to Zouk™ NewComer ProgramWe are excited to continue our 6th year in our renowned Newcomer program - DARE TO ZOUK™ at NYC ZOUK FESTIVAL!.
This program is for those first discovering Brazilian Zouk and seeking where to start the journey.
Well you certainly found the right place!
Jump on one of the fastest growing dances and scenes in the United States and join the ever growing and fun loving community.
We welcome all whom are ready to take the dive and DARE you to ZOUK and discover what you have missed all along!
For those seeking to learn Zouk for their very first time, the DARE TO ZOUK™ PROGRAM is an amazing way to start.
We have had many students from all over the United States travel to New York City to Study this amazing dance primarily due to its strong curriculum, experience, and knowledge of all our tightly knitted group of certified instructors.
We have graduated 100s of students from all over the United States in this program and many of them continue to progress and advance in the scene.
We are very excited to continue this program and we can not wait to share the magic with you.
We are an open minded, judgement free, learning environment and we welcome you all in our cozy and comfy dance scene!The DARE TO ZOUK ™PROGRAM AT NYC ZOUK FESTIVAL 2023 is a great way to start learning ZOUK or going back to fundamentals.
The NYC DARE TO ZOUK™ TEAM led this year by the amazing Curriculum Director Igor Fraga and Welcoming Director Ebonie Lee with the members of the Dare to Zouk Team - Ryel Velandia, Jessica Lamdon, Vinny, Shane, Kim Rottier and more..
We have prepared an amazing program for anyone wanting to explore Brazilian Zouk.
HIGHLIGHTS INCLUDE LEARNING - 8 - 10 Hours of Workshops to Kick Start your Zouk Experience KNOWLEDGEABLE INSTRUCTORS - Zouk Camps from NYC Certified Instructors with years of international/national experience SYLLABUS - A Well thought out program with a consistent syllabus created by the Dare to Zouk Team!
PROGRESSIVE PROGRAM - Classes build from previous ones.
EXPERIENCE - Experience Dance Scenes, Socials, Comps, and More!
WELCOME PACKET - Checklist of Moves RECAP SESSIONS and Q & A - Review what you learned and where you can continue classes and learning DAY PRACTICE SOCIALS COMFORTABLE AND FRIENDLY ENVIRONMENT VIDEOS - Option to purchase Video on Fundamentals or any of our video library ATMOSPHERE - Experience learning in one of the most influential and elite art and performance scenes in America!
PLAYLIST - A Playlist of music so you can begin dancing right away!YOUR DIRECTORS:IGOR FRAGA: Curriculum Director for Dare to Zouk™Igor Fraga, originally from Minas Gerais - Brasil, started his zouk journey in 2012 training with ZoukNY founder, Kim Rottier.
Since then he has taught all over North America in various congresses and festivals.
Throughout the years, Igor has also taken up residency for a few months in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New Orleans, North Carolina and most recently Boston to help local scenes in any way he can.
He collects awards from various competitions being the first Lead in North America to reach the Advanced level in Jack N Jill.
He is an exceptional instructor and DK and we are ecstatic to have him here with us today.EBONIE LEE: Welcome Director for Dare to Zouk™Ebonie Lee is a Brazilian Zouk instructor based in NYC.
Ebonie has trained extensively in a variety of dance modalities.
Ebonie pursued Japanese Classical, African, Latin, contemporary Indian and Modern dance at Williams College and abroad.
She interned at Washington, DC arts organizations such as Dance Exchange and the DC Dance Collective, adding Contemporary, Jazz and Blues dance to her repertoire.
She studied Salsa, Mambo and Afro-Latin dance under Tanya Kianda Fiske and Psyon D.
Scott.Ebonie was introduced to Brazilian Zouk by Atoro Lopez in 2010, and started training in DC.
In 2012 Ebonie returned to NYC and became teaching assistant to Kim Rottier (ZoukNY), Ryel & Jessica Lamdon (ZenZouk).
Ebonie studied Contact Improvisation with Jesse Johnson (Dancing with Gravity).
She moved to Atlanta and taught with a variety of instructors, including Atoro, Eddie Bonnell of Zouk Atlanta, Jerry Lai and Jeremy Hale.
She returned again to NYC in 2020.Ebonie has completed teacher training and professional development courses by Jaime Aroxa & Kiri Chapman, Kim Rottier, Alex & Mathilde, and Brenda & Anderson.Ebonie is always interested in the dances of the African Diaspora and conscious movement techniques, incorporating a variety of dance styles into her movement.
She believes in the power of dance to connect and communicate, and the nourishment that creativity brings to life.IG: @ebonie_zoukFB: facebook.com/fireflyzoukSCHEDULE:Friday Evening: The Vue Rooftop Bar Double Tree Hilton6-8PM Happy Hour Welcome w/ Ebonie LeeSaturday Day: Ripley Grier Dance Studio 520 8th Avenue 17th FLR10:30 AM - 6:00 PM WorkshopsSaturday Evening: EPA Dance Studio 320 West 37Th St10:00 PM - 5:00 AM Brazilian Zouk Party + Lamba Lounge Sunday Day: Ripley Grier Dance Studio 520 8th Avenue 17th FLR10:30 AM - 6:00 PM WorkshopsSunday Evening: EPA Dance Studio 320 West 37Th St10:00 PM - 5:00 AM Brazilian Zouk Party + Lamba Lounge REGISTRATION AND TICKETS:https://www.nyczoukfestival.com/ticketsWEBSITE:https://www.nyczoukfestival.comFACEBOOK PAGEhttps://www.facebook.com/nyczoukfestivalINSTAGRAM PAGEhttps://www.instagram.com/nyc_zouk_festival/

Organized by: NYC Zouk Festival - New York

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