Bachata Thursdays: Bachata Dance Classes for Beginners!

  •   07/18/2024       09:15 PM to 01:15 AM

  • Location: On One Studios. 422 N Capitol Ave
    San Jose, California, United States


Come join us on Thursday nights at On One Studio for Bachata Thursdays! We provide a beginner friendly atmosphere!

Looking for a fun, beginner-friendly way to get your rhythm on?

Look no further than Bachata Thursdays!

Held weekly at On One Studio in San Jose, you’ll learn how to dance bachata with our experienced instructors and experience extraordinary service.

Plus - dont miss out on the special effects lighting and state-of-the-art sound equipment that make us stand above other events around town.

Come join us each Thursday night where we guarantee an unforgettable evening of music & movement!

Event Details...

💥Bachata Music by DJ Magic Mike

💥Bachata Class by Mike Galindo

💥Dance Lesson: 9:15 PM - 10 :15 PM

💥Bachata Dancing: 10:15 PM - 12:30 PM


Class + Social: $20 Presale OR $25 At the Door


( We accept Cash, Venmo, or Card )


422 N Capitol Ave

San Jose, CA 95133

🎉Brought to you by San Jose Bachata Nights LLC


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About San Jose Bachata Nights LLC

Welcome to our vibrant bachata community where inclusivity is our foundation and building connections is our passion. At our heart, we are committed to providing high-quality Bachata dance instruction that not only hones your dancing skills but also nurtures your personal growth. Our mission is clear: we exist to help you build unshakable confidence, experience breakthroughs in self-esteem, and liberate your true expression through dance.

We take pride in offering high-performance bachata dance training that pushes boundaries while keeping our feet firmly planted on the ground. Our approach is grounded in humility and approachability. No matter your background or experience level, we welcome you with open arms and ensure that you feel valued and accepted in our community.

Our commitment is to guide you on a transformative journey where dance becomes a powerful tool for self-discovery and self-expression. We encourage you to develop your unique style, breaking free from limitations and embracing your individuality. Together, we celebrate diversity and encourage each other to grow as dancers and as individuals.

Join us on this incredible adventure of dance, friendship, and growth. Discover the beauty of inclusion, the strength of community, and the joy of dance that goes beyond the physical steps.

Together, well create an environment where breakthroughs are celebrated, dreams are realized, and everyone can shine brightly.

Lets dance with passion and embrace each other with open hearts. Together, we will unleash the true potential within you and create lasting memories on the dance floor and beyond.

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