Magna Gopal


Magna Gopal was born in India and grew up in Toronto, Canada. While studying Economics & International Relations at the University of Toronto, she was introduced to, and discovered her passion for salsa dancing.

In 2005, she had the choice of continuing her studies or taking the risky leap and pursuing a career in dance. Obviously, she chose the latter. Though the path has been difficult, it has been one of the best decisions in her life. 

Not only has her career in Salsa facilitated her to travel to over 80 countries and provided her with the opportunity to teach thousands of students across the globe, but it has also provided her with invaluable lessons about entrepreneurship, communication, relationships, authenticity, creativity, and mindset that she is now able to provide to her clients and her community, within and beyond dance.

Approaching life with a sense of curiosity, fearlessness, and resilience is what has allowed her to fully enjoy her experiences and relationships while inspiring others to do the same.