DJ Khalid


DJ Khalid's specialty is modern Bachata. Before he started mixing music as a professional DJ, he spent three years gaining experience, collecting information through traveling. He has been to Cádiz, Spain, several times taking classes with great teachers such as Korke and Judith and other great professionals like Chaves and Silvia, Kike and Fania. Exclusively to gain experience and improve his technique and musicality in Sensual Bachata.

Khalid El khoungui, artistically as [DJ KHALID], born in Almería, Spain,1984, of Moroccan origin, currently residing in Stockholm, Sweden. With his experience and dedication, he would like to reach the hearts of all who are dancing, as well as achieve enthusiasm from the dancers. He gives a special touch to every song and that is why his music is appreciated by a majority of Bachata dancers around the world.
His work has been recognized in recent years thanks to the opportunity offered by Stockholm Salsa Dance. He has also played at a variety of world Bachata festivals and is one of the organizers of Bachatart.