Kiko & Christina


Kiko Ortega and Christina Schirjaev are seasoned dancers with over 10 years of experience who began sharing their passion together in 2013. 

They embarked on their dance journey by establishing the renowned KC Dance Projects, and their talent took them to various festivals across Europe. Notably, they made history by organizing the first-ever competition in Germany at the Bachata Festival in Hamburg. Their exceptional teaching skills and meticulous methodology have trained numerous dancers in both Spain and Germany. 

In 2017, they relocated to Basel, Switzerland, where they introduced a groundbreaking bachata teaching concept at the prestigious dance school, "Bailamos Salsa." Today, Kiko Ortega and Christina Schirjaev have achieved widespread fame in Northern Europe, gaining international recognition and admiration for their unique style, which revolves around fostering strong connections and delivering high-quality dance instruction.