Dj Selphi


DJ Selphi specializes in bachata, and is one of the few who produces his own remixes/covers, with music production experience dating back as early as 2004. Before he started DJing, he's been involved in the community as a dancer since 2008, and this allowed him to have first-hand experience on what dancers want to vibe to when they go to a party or a social. Every week, he's always searching for the hottest new songs to add to his playlist so that dancers always get to listen to something fresh and exciting, in addition to learning how to improve his smooth transitions each time he plays. You will not find another DJ with the same passion and work ethic as DJ Selphi, as he's usually the first to arrive and the last to leave.

His favorite artists are Jr., Kewin Cosmos, Dani J and Vinny Rivera. Since joining Sensual Movement in 2016, he's been a prime contributor to their success in the scene in New York and with every congress/festival they've organized. When people hear that DJ Selphi is playing, they know it's going to be a fantastic time with his song selection and flawless execution.

New York , United States  

+1 732 221 5404