Sara Lopez


Sara López is a dancer known internationally as the queen of kizomba thanks to her shows and workshops around the world and the virality of her online videos. But her background goes much further, after 15 years of training in classical dance, Sara always opted for versatility and embarked on her path in styles as different as hip-hop, flamenco, belly dance among others and of course, Latin rhythms. .

Sara started in dance at the age of 5, she studied Ballet for 15 years and was certified by The Royal Ballet of London achieving an Honors rating. During this period she complemented her training with 9 years of Flamenco, 4 of Contemporary and different Jazz and Funk courses with nationally recognized teachers. She belonged to the Young Africa Guzmán Ballet for 4 years playing solo roles.

At 17 he trained in Belly Dance for a year and at 19 he was introduced to Latin Rhythms, with which he worked doing shows and giving Salsa Online, Bachata and Bachatango workshops with different dance couples, nationwide during 3 years.

At 21 she begins to study Hip-Hop and at 22 she travels to L.A. (California, USA) to train with internationally famous choreographers for 3 months. She continues to train her in this dance through sporadic courses and trips to L.A., in addition to perfecting herself in courses in Contemporary, Pointe, Floor and Aerial Acrobatics …


Professional experience

She began her professional career with the Ballet Joven África Guzmán with performances during the years 2004, 2005 and 2006. Then, while expanding her knowledge in other dance styles, she was a teacher of salsa online and girls’ style at the A Bailar dance school. and funk-hip-hop at the Cedance Academy

She began professionally in the world of Kizomba in 2009 competing in the Africadançar, being selected to represent Spain in the international championship, where she obtained the second position. As a result of that competition, he began to work giving workshops and performing around Europe, but his popularity increased through the dissemination of his videos on YouTube and social networks, giving him an international fame that has allowed him to travel around the world.

She combines the best known side of her with appearances in video clips, sporadically as a dancer on television programs, participation in commercials and interviews, among many other projects, since she is always open to exploring new experiences and styles.

Thanks to her work, Sara has been able to dance at events and give workshops in all corners of the world: from Japan, Russia and the United States to Mexico, Egypt and countries throughout Europe such as France, Holland, Finland and Bulgaria … these are just some examples within of his extensive international career. She is used to dealing with people from all countries and it is common for the workshops to be taught in English, a language that she masters perfectly.