Enah Lebon



Who is ENAH?

Originally from Haiti, ENAH Lebon is what should be called an “ODNI” (an Unidentified Dancing Object), as his style is original, bold but above all attractive … It can be seen in all major cities of France on the occasion of his crazy workshops.

Enah Lebon is what we call an “outsider.” From the beginning, he knew how to clear himself a pathway in the vast courtyard of Kizomba. He can be seen in all of the big cities in France on the occasion of his workshops.

Attracted to Kizomba’s new style and footwork the love story for Enah and Kizomba has been going on now for 2 years. This couple’s dance best described as the “African Tango“ has simply stumbled accross his path and he’s been getting better acquainted and falling in love with this dance such as he would with a woman, with much devotion and passion. For Enah this truly is a passion and he wants to share it as much as he can since he’s been so lucky to learn from/with his friend and mentor Curtis Seldon. When asked to describe his style, he speaks about “Urban Kiz“. Not putting aside the afro-caboverdian roots of this dance he tends to leave his mark with a creative mix of his various influences. As a finalist in the 2013 Africadancar International Competition Enah has been able to find his groove and show off his talent.

He knew how to make an impression and innovate, while maintaining respect for the traditional. Creativity, vitality and originality have allowed him to create a unique style, which is currently being exported all over the world. His travels include countries such as CanadaUSA , Estonia and Germany… And many more to come! Today, international instructor Enah gives special attention to the transmission of his “attitude” to his students. He never forgets to leave us with a record of his travels through various videos, which are striking examples of his emotion and musicality. His footwork will not deceive you, and something tells me, this is only the beginning!