Eddie Hercules


Eddie Hercules, raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, had a non-conventional dance path spending his childhood playing sports (e.g., football, baseball, track). Eddie Hercules’s first experience with dance was from 2003-2008 when he began drumming in Afro-Haitian classes. During this time, Eddie gained the listening ear, the exposure, the passion, and the interest of Afro-rhythms. It wasn’t until 2014 after he graduated college as an engineer that he could return to his passion. In September 2015 at the Toronto Kizomba & Bachata Festival, Eddie Hercules took his first Kizomba classes. To date, Eddie Hercules continues to travel globally, learning from the top instructors from all over Europe and beyond. Currently, Eddie Hercules, teaches locally, nationally, and internationally at dance weekenders and festivals. Eddie founded The Kizomba Dance Alliance in 2016, an organization that supports the growth of kizomba and urban kiz in the U.S.