Anastasia & Jovanny


Anastasia and Jovanny are dancers and instructors residing in Orlando, FL.

Their passionate journey with Bachata Sensual began in 2017, when they for the first time traveled to Cadiz, Spain (the birth city of Bachata Sensual) to train with the founders of this dance Korke y Judith and other official ambassadors of the brand, like Luis & Andrea, Chaves & Sylvia, etc... They fell in love with this beautiful dance and the intricate technique behind its movements. Since then they made it their priority to keep up with training all over the world with the masters of this dance style in order to share it with more people.

They have founded their school in Orlando to share Bachata Sensual with their community and aim to build a stronger Bachata social scene in their hometown and in the US. They are also directors of Luis & Andrea Orlando Team and they are proud to represent them as their style is one of the most popular and desired bachata styles in the world. They are also Gold level certified instructors by Daniel & Desiree - the most popular sensual bachata couple in the world!

Their goals are to share their knowledge and passion for this beautiful dance with many people and to bring more professional world top instructors to Orlando to help the community develop in Bachata Sensual. ​