Angel & Stephany


Stephany Moore

Stephany Moore was born in Venezuela and raised in South Florida, where she started dancing ballet at the age of six. After several years of training, Stephany traded her ballet shoes for the camera and ventured into modeling and acting under the guidance of Barbizon Modeling and Acting School. 

But life changed for Stephany when she took her first Latin dance class at Prestige Dance Company. She was only 17 years old, but her love for the style was cemented, and this love would define the direction for what would eventually become her career. Stephany continued training in Salsa at Prestige Dance Company for another seven years. She then started traveling the world while training and competing in various countries such as Mexico, Italy, and all over the United States. She competed in the World Salsa Summit in 2017, winning first place alongside her coach, Melanie Castillo. Stephany continued her training under Master level teachers such as Tamara Livolsi, Marisol Blanco, and Adolfo Indacochea and his Latin Soul Dancers.

Stephany is also a passionate dance teacher, and is known for her charismatic personality. She is often complimented for her ability to thoroughly explain and break down complicated patterns and steps, making them accessible for students of all levels. She teaches weekly styling classes, and is known for her unique blend of sassy, funky, and playful choreography. 

In addition to being a dancer and teacher, Stephany is a self-taught makeup artist and educator. Her love for makeup was initiated by her lifelong involvement in the Latin dance community. Through her years of performing, she has cultivated an admiration for the art of makeup and all of its forms. 


Angel Peguero

Angel Peguero was born in New York City, and raised in Philadelphia to a proud Dominican family. From an early age, Angel was athletic and multi-talented in various sports; predominantly boxing, basketball, and football. But at the age of 18, Angel discovered his passion for Latin dance and never looked back. He started his training under four-time World Champion, Darlin Garcia, then later trained with two-time World Champion, Noel Rodriguez. Throughout his training, Angel studied various styles of Latin dance, including Salsa, Bachata, and Merengue. Angel has competed in the World Salsa Summit where he won three World Champion titles. After the World Salsa Summit, Angel continued his training around the world. He’s spent time studying in Italy, China, and Canada, and has trained under Adolfo Indacochea and his Latin Soul Dancers.

As a teacher, Angel is known for his charisma and high energy, all while challenging his students with dynamic shines and intricate partnerwork. Angel pushes his students to new heights, through intentional exercises that challenge memory, musicality, and technique. But above all, Angel encourages his students to find their unique voice and to express themselves freely in his classes.