Steven & Kasia


Steven Halim

Steven Halim was born and raised in Indonesia. At age of 12, he started to teach martial arts which allowed him to realize his potential and talent at a young age. Steven has been dancing Salsa in NYC for more than 10 years. However, after being introduced to sensual bachata, its techniques and body movements resonated with him. The style and the beauty of the Sensual Bachata expressed through body movement isolations inspired Steven to combine his martial arts skills and teach bachata classes. 


Kasia Brożyńska

Kasia Brożyńska was born and raised in Poland, where she began her dance training as a child with ballroom dances. Later on in her career, she trained in multiple dance styles, studied ballet and contemporary in Broadway Dance Center. Kasia has a degree in education and psychology, which she shares her passion through teaching Sensual Bachata. She is proficient in many different dances, however, the music, movements, and connection in sensual bachata stood out to her the most. After meeting Steven they both decided to combine their love for Sensual Bachata and spread it to others.