Jessica Marie


Jessica Marie (she/her; vaccinated) started her dance journey in June 2017 in Texas. She has spent many years training and learning under some of the top instructors in the U.S. and abroad. ​(A special shoutout goes to Marietta Villalobos, Charles Ogar, and Adrian Soltero because they were crucial in developing Jessica Marie's foundation as a dancer!) These passion-driven and creative instructors fueled Jessica to travel, fostering her love for Kizomba and Urban Kizomba. She specializes in Tarraxinha, Tarraxo, and Urban Kiz. Additionally, she can teach and dance as a lead or a follow. She has taught as an instructor in multiple cities and states around the U.S. Jessica Marie is known for her attention to detail, her ability to break down complex material, and provide individualized feedback even when leading group classes. Her dance students also appreciate her approaches around inclusivity, mindset around consent, and her promoting of safe dance spaces. Jessica Marie’s background in psychology (as a fifth year PhD student) also creates a unique learning environment as she has the ability to see more than just the dancer in the room, but she is able to connect to the person in the room fostering a deeper connection and cultivating an optimal learning environment. 

Jessica Marie is the owner and creative director of The Kiz Lab LLC. A Black-Owned and minority led Urban Kiz dance organization located in the Bay Area, CA where they host weekly classes, workshops, and events.