Mike Zuniga


Mike Zuniga, founder of rhythmicFUSION, was born and raised in Orange County CA found the love for bachata at the age of 22 while dancing on “Bachata Caliente” of Los Angeles CA. Determined to share his passion to teach, choreograph and perform it was not long till Mike decided to start his own dance company “Rhythmic Fusion” in January of 2010, the first and only bachata dance company in Orange County. “Rhythmic Fusion” has brought bachata to Orange County teaching at various locations, hosting workshops, and social events. Currently Mike Zuniga is determined to fuse his dynamic dance style and skills in to take bachata to a whole new level. You will see him teaching workshops that will take your bachata to places you never imagined and performing to routines that will leave you begging for more. RhythmicFUSION and Mike Zuniga have travelled to places to teach and perform such as New York, Chicago, Reno, Hawaii, Texas, Atlanta, France, Canada, Mexico and many more.

Santa Ana , United States  

+1 (949) 689-1835