DJ Killo


DJ Killo

Juanfe Carballido Abril, DJ Killo; Born and raised in Seville, Spain, he comes from a family of musicians, which is why he grew up surrounded by music.

However, it wasn't until 2011 that he came across Latin rhythms and immediately fell in love with them. Driven by curiosity about this type of music and the incredible atmosphere of these events and people, he started taking dance classes.

He focused mainly on salsa at the beginning, showing a deeper motivation in understanding the roots and origins of this genre, learning and being influenced by his idols Marc Anthony, Tito Rojas, and Gilberto Santa Rosa... But little by little he developed a growing interest and passion for bachata as well.

In 2020, he moved to Madrid to work as a store manager for a supermarket chain, what he did not know is that it would be the beginning of DJ Killo and it would change Juanfe's life forever, he had no idea yet.

One day when he was living in Madrid, his friends asked him to play some music at a party, just as a favor, then he worked his magic and everyone loved both his music and his good vibes. That night Dj Kilo was born. After that party, he realized how much he enjoys creating the right atmosphere by playing the right song and making people feel good... So he made the decision that music would be his life and his first priority ever since.

In a very short time, he was playing his music in the best salsa and bachata nightclubs and events in cities like Madrid, Barcelona, or Malaga.

Today, Dj Killo is becoming more and more popular within the national and international dance community. His ultimate goal is to spread the best music and energy to everyone at his events, in other words, he is a "happiness provider". His passion for music and his social skills make his events unique and magical.


Barcelona , Spain  

+34 611137289