Mr. Don


Samuel Antonio Ortega, better known as Mr. Don, was born in October 1993 in Santiago, Chile. His love for music emerged at a young age and continued to be cultivated throughout his childhood through his involvement in his church.
In his adolescence, Samuel became increasingly attracted to the urban music movement and in 2012 released his first solo album “En Busca de Ti.” In the years that followed he released several more albums, eventually transitioning into the Christian bachata genre and working on several major collaborations with other artists in the field such as DJ Khalidm DJ Soltrix, Manny Rod, Lirow, Jhonny Evidence, and many more.
Mr. Don produces much of his own music, singing from the depths of his heart, soul, and faith to reach others and help them find the same hope and inspiration that he has through music. He counts Juan Luis Guerra and Romeo Santos among his biggest musical influences. Juan Luis Guerra for his Christian bachata and multi-musical genre (including a variety of instruments and genres in his musical repertoire), and Romeo Santos for his lyrical and compositional independence.

Mr. Don describes his music as real, original, and unique because it was born from his own personal experiences. He hopes his music will help others the same way music helped him to overcome his personal struggles and achieve personal growth. Over the past year, Mr. Don has kept busy, releasing two new EPs. He is currently working on his newest project “The Romanze.” “Bypass” premiered last month, and “Ilusiones” is his newest sure-to-be-hit, premiered March 26th, 2021.

Santiago , Chile  

+1 617-510-4233