Jhonny Evidence


Jhonny Alberto Henriquez Guerrero was born in the city of Higuey on the 14th day of January 1987.

A very active young man, who always tries to excel in anything he sets his mind to. At school, he used to be the shy boy in the class, but with an inner life full of music. Since he was a child, he liked music so much that he made a small wooden guitar and put nylon strings on it. But as it happens in most cases, his father wanted Johnny to be a lawyer; a career that he would pursue at  university years later.

In 2004, at the age of 16, this young man joined a bachata group called EVOLUTION, for which he recorded his first record production called SENTIMIENTOS and in which he recorded his first musical duet with the maestro RAMON ORLANDO.

Salvaleón de Higüey , República Dominicana  

+1 617-510-4233