Daniel & Desiree


Daniel y Desiree are arguably the world’s most famous and important Bachata dance couple at the moment, performing at the majority of the world’s Latin dance festivals, as well as being branding and marketing king and queen in the bachata scene.

Both artist were born in Spain, Daniel started as a hip hop dancer at 10 years and Desiree started as a salsa artist at 13 years. After dancing together for a short time, they became Spanish bachata champions in 2010, in 2011 European champions and in 2012 world champions, it wasn’t long after they built their legacy and now their brand is established as Sensual Bachata and fusion artists.

Not only are Daniel y Desiree successful dance partners but they are also happily married with their first child in 2018, and also own their own fashion line for dancers called Gueguere.