Samy El Magico


Samy "el Mágico" is a Director, International Instructor, and Choreographer specializing in Dominican Bachata. He travels to many countries teaching this dance style and the essential characteristics required to become a skilled Traditional Bachata dancer. His classes and his way of explaining the different elements of Bachata distinguish this dancer as one of the best ambassadors of the Dominican Republic and its culture worldwide.

Every year, Samy organizes the Dominican Swag Festival in France, where he invites numerous expert dancers in Dominican Bachata and brings the essence of traditional Dominican dance to Europe. A similar concept is the Bachata French Kiss festival, which takes place in a dream location and features the participation of renowned masters of Traditional Bachata, including Samy and many others.

Samy "el Mágico's" students learn musicality, footwork, musical interpretation, and the Dominican style in a fun and relaxed environment, which this experienced instructor with many years of teaching experience consistently creates.



Paris , France  

+33 6 11 76 57 08