Lux Mambo


We are Stefan and Carolyn De La Rosa, the heart and soul behind Studio Lux Dance Company. While Carolyn began her journey in the legal world, her true passion for dance led her to a new path, and Stefan has been immersed in Latin dance his entire life. Our collaboration started on the dance floor as competitive partners, and it quickly became clear that together, we had a special synergy.

Our forte is the Salsa On2 New York style, but we also have a strong foundation in On1. Together, we’ve journeyed across the globe, showcasing our passion at various salsa congresses and imparting our knowledge to eager learners. Every step, every movement, is a testament to our combined dedication to the world of dance.

Under our combined guidance, the Lux Mambo team has blossomed, reflecting our shared love and commitment to dance. We warmly invite you to be a part of our journey, to learn and grow with us. Dive into our world by checking out our performances and tutorials on YouTube. For us, dance isn’t merely an art; it’s a unifying language that bridges cultures and distances.

Austin , United States