Bianca y El Tiguere


El Tiguere Del Mambo & Bianca Derival: Pioneers of Bachata Popiwa

El Tiguere Del Mambo, a dynamic artist from Rochester, NY, with Dominican and Puerto Rican roots, and Bianca Derival, a vibrant New York native, have joined forces to redefine the Bachata landscape. Together, they have created the unique Bachata PopiWa style, blending their rich cultural heritage and dance expertise.

From the vibrant streets of the Dominican Republic comes Bachata PopiWa, a movement shining a light on the diverse beauty of Bachata music and dance. Our mission is to unite all styles of Bachata, preserving our cultural heritage while embracing new and innovative movements and beats. Our aim is to share the soul and spirit of Bachata, rooted in the Dominican Republic, with the world now and for generations to come.

Bayona , República Dominicana