Ephrem J


Ephrem J., a name increasingly recognized across various nations, embodies the epitome of multicultural artistry. Born in the small Antillean nation of Curaçao, he has seamlessly blended his Latin and Dutch roots into a compelling musical repertoire. From a young age, Ephrem embraced his passion for music, a journey that began at twelve when he started composing his own songs. His talent soon shone through during a singing contest in Curaçao, which he won, marking the start of his vibrant career.

Ephrem's musical journey is marked by continuous evolution and a series of strategic collaborations. HAfter his initial success in local bands, he aspired for international acclaim, a dream he pursued relentlessly. is exploration into Bachata in 2009 with the album featuring the bachata "Amor En La Luna" showcased his ability to innovate and resonate with broader audiences. His career trajectory took a substantial leap in subsequent years, with performances at major festivals and concerts worldwide, attracting audiences in the hundreds of thousands.

He has released several bachata albums and singles and performed at major bachata festivals in Europe (mainly Spain, France, and the Netherlands) and Latin America.

Miami , United States