Tropical Gem


The Tropical Gem dance company was founded in May 2000, as the idea of ​​Rafael González and Fernando Sosa. In June of that same year, they attended the World Salsa Congress in Milan, proposing a totally innovative style, characterized by their strength, talent, and attention to detail. In the following months, the group began a new chapter in London and Puerto Rico, where they received excellent reviews. They were selected among more than 80 dance groups to join the famous group of the global Salsa congress, and thus, travel the world in order to promote this type of dance. In the following years, eight other international high-level dancers joined the group. The first were Sandy Ramos and Alyra Lennox from Los Angeles. Later, the Italians Luca P. and Daniela Marrella followed byTatiana Bonaguro, Max Tripicchio, David Fazio and Anna Guidone. In addition, Tropical Gem has danced at the main salsa congresses in the world and was awarded first prize for three consecutive years at the global congress of Puerto Rico Salsa.

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