Masha Kizz


Masha started her dance journey in 1989 in Saint Petersburg, Russia with classical ballet training. In 1998, after moving to an urban part of San Francisco, she discovered the world of Hip Hop and joined her High School’s Performance team. While assisting the choreographer, she fell in love with teaching and seeing a dance piece manifest into a beautiful finished product. Masha’s love for various music genres eventually led her to join a San Francisco-based Dancehall Group – The Trapsettez. In 2015 Masha was introduced to Kizomba by a friend and after only a couple of classes, she fell in love with the music and dance. Shortly after discovering Kizomba, Masha found herself traveling to Paris to dive deeper into the world of Kizomba and to learn from leading instructors. Masha teaches kizomba classes in the bay area and has one on one private lessons with her students. Masha will continue to share her love for kizomba in hopes of inspiring someone to fall in love with the dance and have it change their world.

Masha is also known as Dj MKiZ and is the Bay Area’s Leading Kizomba Deejay.
Dj MKiZ has performed as a deejay at various festivals around the world including San Francisco SBK (Salsa-Bachata-Kizomba) Congress 2021, 2022, and Kizzaletti Kizomba Festival Russia 2021. You can also find Dj MKiZ locally at Kizomba Open Air, Hello Kizomba & Space 550.

San Francisco , United States  

+1 (650) 559-4658

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