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How can I make a purchase as a gift?

1 Buy your gift

Make the purchase normally and mark "BUY AS A GIFT" on the purchase screen. With this you will not have to enter the data of the owner or owners of your gift. This can be done by the person receiving the gift when you send it to them.

In order to personalize and/or send your gift by email, you must be registered in e-dancer. If you are not, you can register during the purchase or even after it with the same email that indicate when buying. In any case, you can always print and deliver the gift receipt that will arrive after the purchase.

2 Personalize and deliver your gift at any time

Once the purchase is made, you can deliver your gift at the time you prefer.

If you are registered in e-dancer, you will have your purchase available in the “My tickets” option of the “My profile” menu. And next to it you will have the button “Personalize and deliver my gift”. Through this you can indicate the data of the person to whom it is addressed and, optionally, the message you want to send. This will regenerate the gift receipt with this information.

Once this is done, you have two options to deliver your gift:

  • Print and directly deliver the personalized gift ticket, since it contains the necessary instructions to obtain valid tickets for the event .
  • Check the option "Send my gift by email" when customizing it, so it will be sent to the email you have indicated.

When the recipient receives and accepts your gift, you will no longer be able to access it.

3 The recipient receives your gift

Whether you decide to send your gift by email or by printing the gift receipt, the recipient will be able to accept it by following the instructions in the email or receipt.

From this moment on, the recipient will be the only one with access to the purchase. They will be presented with the message that you have written and they will be able to enter the data of the owner(s) to obtain the valid tickets for the event.

4 To dance!

The recipient already has his gift and can use it with full guarantee.