San Francisco's Hello! Bachata Fest

  •   From 07/26/2024 to 07/28/2024

  • Location: Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport. Old Bayshore Hwy,1333
    Burlingame, California, United States

    Event Full Pass: $ 245.00 info
    Adolfo Indocochea & Fernando Sosa Challenge: $ 100.00 info
    Urban Kiz Jack & Jill Competition: $ 20.00 info
    Thursday PreParty (Jul 25): $ 20.00 info
    Vendor Table: $ 700.00 info

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Join us for up to 57 hours of workshops, day dancing, night parties, and challenges in San Francisco! 

San Francisco's Hello! Bachata Fest 

Bachata - Salsa - Zouk - Kizomba 

Hello! Bachata Fest was launched off of our monthly event: Hello! Bachata and Hello! Kizomba 

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📅 July 26 through 29, 2024. 

Starts: Friday, July 26 at 2:00pm 
Ends: Monday, July 29 at 7:00am 
(excluded preparty) 

🏢 Venue: 
Hyatt Regency SF Airport 
1333 Bayshore Highway 
Burlingame, Calif. 

*** Only 2.2 miles from the airport *** 
Complimentary shuttle to-and-from the airport 


This festival features an all-star line-up consisting of 11 headliners and over 40 international, regional, and national instructors: 

We are proud to announce that the following headliners will be present at our dance festival: 

For our Bachata headliners: 
🥇 Korke & Judith, the founders and creators of Bachata Sensual. (Spain) 
🥇 Pablo & Raquel, BachataStars champions. (Spain) 
🥇 Dario & Sara, YouTube sensations. (Spain) 

For our Salsa headliners: 
🥇 Adolfo Indacochea & Tania Cannarsa, and Empire Mambo. (New York) 
🥇 Fernando Sosa & Tania Bonaguro, and Tropical Gem. (Italy) 
🥇 Pablito Stellato, and his team Su Mezcla Latina. (Italy) 

For our Zouk headliners: 
🥇 DJ Kakah (Brazil) 
🥇 Iago & Vanessa (Brazil) 
🥇 Leo & Talita (San Francisco, Calif.) 
🥇 Evelyn & Derrick (San Francisco, Calif.) 

For our Kizomba headliner and featurette: 
🥇 DJ Sink (Montreal, Canada) 
🏆 Jack & Jill Competition 


We are excited to announce our national, regional, and international deejays. 

Bachata Deejays: 

🎧 DJ Aragon (Los Angeles, Calif.) 
🎧 The Don (Houston, Texas) 
🎧 DJ Encannto (Santa Rosa, Calif.) 
🎧 DJ Jaguar (Santa Cruz, Calif.) 
🎧 DJ Kris Kros (Sacramento, Calif.) 
🎧 DJ Mango (Los Angeles, Calif.) 
🎧 DJ Reni G (Houston, Texas) 
🎧 DJ Ron (Sacramento, Calif.) 
🎧 DJ Thiencito (San Francisco, Calif.) 
🎧 DJ Trey-Z (Salt Lake City, Utah) 
🎧 DJ Valeria (Kyiv, Ukraine) 
🎧 DJ Willi Will (New York) 

Salsa Deejays: 

🎧 DJ 69 (Paris, France) 
🎧 DJ Alex El Maestro (New York) 
🎧 DJ Mundo (San Jose, Calif.) 
🎧 DJ Willie (San Jose, Calif.) 

Kizomba Deejays: 

🎧 DJ BigMeanie (Oakland, Calif.) 
🎧 DJ Dravid (San Jose, Calif.) 
🎧 DJ KV aka Kontay (Long Beach, Calif.) 
🎧 DJ MKiZ (San Francisco, Calif.) 
🎧 DJ Orlando (San Francisco, Calif.) 
🎧 DJ Robert (Los Angeles, Calif.) 

Zouk Deejays: 

🎧 DJ Fraga (Minas Gerais, Brazil) 
🎧 DJ Kakah (Fortaleza, Brazil) 
🎧 DJ Melo (Orange County, Calif.) 

Our deejay lineup is constantly updating. Continue to check back on our website or this event page. 


We are also proud to announce the following national and regional instructors and their teams: 

----- Bachata ------ 

🥈 Alana & Esteban (San Francisco, Calif.) 
🥈 Anastasia & Jovanny (Orlando, Florida) 
🥈 Angel & Jess (San Diego, Calif.) 
🥈 Bryon & Sammantha (San Francisco, Calif.)  
🥈 Eddie Peligro (Phoenix, Ariz.) 
🥈 JAS & Hailie (Santa Rosa, Calif.) 
🥈 Javier & Kiki (Los Angeles, Calif.)  
🥈 Jeffery & Marina (San Francisco)  
🥈 Jhonatan Parco (Oakland, Calif.) 
🥈 John Manego (Los Angeles, Calif.) 
🥈 Jose Serrano (Chicago, Illinois) 
🥈 Karol Maracas & Joel (Los Angeles, Calif.)  
🥈 Kayla & Brian (Seattle, Wash.)  
🥈 Kristal & Wayne (Vancouver, British Columbia) 
🥈 Lexi Shreeve (San Francisco, Calif.) 
🥈 Margarita & Johnny (Seattle, Wash.) 
🥈 Mariah & Andrea (Reno, Nev.) 
🥈 Monique Manzo (Reno, Nev.) 
🥈 Ngoc Huynh (San Jose, Calif.) 
🥈 Pierre & Alejandra (Denver, Color.) 
🥈 Reni Gongora (Houston, Texas) 
🥈 Vanessa & Guillermo (San Jose, Calif.) 

----- Salsa ------ 

🥈 Benny & Ashley (Hillsboro, Oregon) 
🥈 Eder Ivan (Los Angeles, Calif.) and on2ourage 
🥈 Hector & Annaliza (San Jose, Calif.) 
🥈 Lawrence & Jewel (Phoenix, Ariz.) 
🥈 Luis Aguilar of Couture Dance (San Francisco, Calif.) 
🥈 Marco Aguilar (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 
🥈 Marianela Calonje Amarante (San Jose, Calif.) 
🥈 Marisa Craig & Karel Flores San Francisco (San Francisco, Calif.) 
🥈 Natasha Tia (San Diego, Calif.) from MoveWise Wellness 
🥈 Oksana Klimashkina (San Jose, Calif.) 
🥈 Oscar Castaneda (Sacramento, Calif.) 

----- Kizomba ------ 

🥈 Lani Manaseryan (Los Angeles, Calif.) 
🥈 Lucia Nogueira (San Diego, Calif.) 
🥈 Stephany Dance (Los Angeles, Calif.) 

----- Zouk ------ 

🥈 Alex Meirelles (San Jose, Calif.) 
🥈 Bruno & Fae (Orlando, Florida) 
🥈 Elias & Ashe (Sacramento, Calif.) 
🥈 Igor Fraga (Brazil) 
🥈 Imaan & Julie (Oakland, Calif.) 
🥈 Nelly Caldeira (San Jose, Calif.) 


We have a monthly event called "Hello! Bachata" and "Hello! Kizomba" in San Francisco. If you were looking for that event please visit us at: 

🏆 Special Features 🏆 

🔥 The Adolfo & Fernando Salsa Challenge 🔥 
For the first time in the U.S.A., Adolfo Indacochea and Fernando Sosa, two heavyweight Salsa dancers represented by Empire Mambo and Tropical Gem, team up to offer a 4-hour intensive bootcamp for a chance to perform at Sunday's performance showcase. 

(addon fee required to participate.) 

🔥 Kizomba Jack and Jill Competition🔥 
Attendees have the opportunity to enter, compete against fellow peers, and have a chance to win up to six prizes in the form of future festival passes. 

Prizes: Festival passes (TBA) 

Three Competition Levels: Preliminary, Novissa, and Intermediate 

(addon fee required to participate.) 


The following dance companies have confirmed or expressed interest in attending and performing: 

🎖 Bachata Diosas (Vancouver, British Columbia) 
🎖 BaShasta Sirenas (Santa Rosa, Calif.) 
🎖 Carisma Dance (Redwood City, Calif.) 
🎖 Collective Dance, The (San Francisco, Calif.) 
🎖 Como El Agua (San Jose, Calif.) 
🎖 Con Clave Dance (Phoenix, AZ) 
🎖 Dancers w/ Curves (Los Angeles, Calif.) 
🎖 Del Campo Dance (Sacramento, Calif.) 
🎖 Embrace Dance Company (Reno, Nev.) 
🎖 Empire Mambo NY (New York City) 
🎖 EMENVI Couples Team by Magda & Valeria (Bay Area, Calif.) 
🎖 Evolucion Dance Company (Chicago, IL) 
🎖 Inessence Dance Company (San Francisco, Calif.) 
🎖 Hermosura Dance Productions (San Jose, Calif.) 
🎖 JAS Latin Dance Company (Santa Rosa, Calif.) 
🎖 Karel Flores San Francisco 
🎖 KnockOut Dance (San Jose, Calif.) 
🎖 Pabilito y Su Mezcla Latina (Italy) 
🎖 Reno Empire, The (Reno, Nev.) 
🎖 RNA Dance Company (Houston, Texas) 
🎖 Sin Censura (San Francisco, Calif.) 
🎖 Tania Cannarsa San Francisco 
🎖 Tropical Gem (Italy) 
🎖 Volare Dance Company (San Jose, Calif.) 

(This list will constantly be updated all the way up until the month of the event.) 


Here are highlights on our festival: 

🌼 Dancing ‘til 7:00am (Fri, Sat, and Sun) 
🌼 Complimentary hotel shuttle from airport (2.2 mi. from venue) 
🌼 10 headliner artists (couples count as one) 
🌼 Over 40 regional, national, and Canadian instructors 
🌼 Four genres: Bachata, Kizomba, Salsa, and Zouk 
🌼 Up to 72 total workshops to choose from 
🌼 For the first time in the USA, Adolfo Indacochea and Fernando Sosa, two Salsa heavyweights, team up to offer a 4-hour bootcamp intensive challenge. 
🌼 Kizomba Jack & Jill Competition 
🌼 Day dancing parties 
🌼 Night dancing parties 
🌼 Performance showcases 
🌼 Thursday preparty at the venue 
🌼 57 total festival hours (excluding preparty hours) 
🌼 Up to two (2) workshops for each genre, for every hour during workshops 
🌼 Up to eight workshops every hour 

Facebook event page: 





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